The Sci-Fi Channel is gearing up for another hunting session, only this time they're going extra-terrestrial on us.

NBC has announced that its subsidiary The Sci-Fi Channel will air a one-hour special, UFO Hunters on January 30. The special will investigate UFO sightings and other paranormal claims, with the help of the New York Special Paranormal Investigators (NY-SPI) unit.

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That team, led by Oliver Kemenczky and Ted Davis who co-founded the unit, will be investigating two separate cases on the special. One case revolves around a fireball that apparently fell into the ocean near New Jersey and the other centers on a man who claims he was abducted by an object that has had reported sightings in both New York and New Jersey.

UFO Hunters will air on the Sci-Fi Channel on January 30 at 10 PM ET.