Scoob! is now available to view from the comfort of your own home. To celebrate, Warner Bros. has released the first five minutes of the movie online for Scooby-Doo fans who may be on the fence. The animated reboot serves as an origin story for how Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scooby met, along with how they became involved with the rest of the gang. It was supposed to be the first animated Scooby-Doo big screen project, but that had to change for obvious reasons, so you can't now rent or buy it for home viewing.

Streaming on PVOD this weekend, this enticing clip from Scoob! begins with a young Scooby-Doo stealing some meat from a gyro stand in Venice Beach, California, which ends up turning into his transportation too. While thinking about eating meat that has been rolling around Venice Beach is rather disgusting, Scooby makes it seem like a lot of fun and also delicious. While on the run from the law, he meets a slightly depressed and lonely Shaggy, who is listening to a podcast about making friends. The clip ends as Shaggy gives his new friend a name to get rid of the bicycle cop.

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Scoob! is definitely aimed at a new generation, though there are some nods to the past in the first five minutes of the movie. We get to hear some of the classic sound effects while also watching Shaggy and Scooby devour a disgusting sandwich with one solid bite. The foundation has been laid out, but it's full of cellphones, podcasts, and other objects from the current culture. Whatever the case may be, the first five minutes of Scoob! should be a good barometer when deciding if you want to check out the whole thing.

The cast of Scoob! includes Zac Efron as Fred Jones, Amanda Seyfried as Daphne Blake, Will Forte as Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, Gina Rodriguez as Velma Dinkley, Tracy Morgan as Captain Caveman, and Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo. Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg and Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs have also been cast in the roles of superhero Blue Falcon and villain Dick Dastardly. The pair will join Ken Jeong as Dynomutt and Kiersey Clemons as Dee Dee Sykes. Warner Bros. assembled quite the cast for Scoob!, which more than likely cost a lot of money.

Hopefully Scoob! is able to follow the success of Trolls World Tour, which also skipped the theatrical release in favor of a home release. Luckily, Warner Bros. has the iconic Scooby-Doo leading the charge here, which should equate to some cash from rentals and purchases. Only time will tell if people were willing to pay to see the new animated movie. While we wait to find out, you can watch the first five minutes of Scoob! above, thanks to the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel. The clip is SFW, unless seeing meat rolling around Venice Beach weirds you out.