Bloody Disgusting is reporting the following scoops from Spike TV's 2007 Scream Awards:

Edgar Wright: Tell us that if they make a HOT FUZZ sequel the title will probably be HOT FUZZ 2: PIGS IN THE CITY. He also says that he will in fact be directing a trailer for Eli Roth's TRAILER TRASH, but isn't sire what the story will be yet - but it will not be a sequel to DON'T, which was part of GRINDHOUSE in April.

Roger Avery: He foresees "a bloodier version of BEOWULF in the future."

Sid Haig: Tells us he's directing a film entitled LAST GORE, which is about a person with multiple personalities.

Danny Trejo: He says that Robert Rodriguez is getting ready for the theatrical version of MACHETE, the feature version of his faux trailer that was part of GRINDHOUSE. He says it's a go and that he doesn't believe there is a second film being worked on at the moment (that he knows of).

Tobin Bell: He will transform from Jigsaw to The Devil himself in HIGHWAY 61.

Bruce Campbell: Image Entertainment is releasing MY NAME IS BRUCE in select theaters and on home video in 2008, but he might begin working on the sequel, MY NAME IS STILL BRUCE, before the first is ever released.