Movie PictureJust in time to carve the turkey! Some exclusive {0} pictures from IGN's Filmforce! Take a look at some high quality images from key scenes in the film! Click {1} and {2}!Posted just this week for the people that were crazy enough to want to be on a Spiderman mailing list 6 months ago were some exclusive scenes from Sam Raimi's Spiderman movie! It's OK. Lights Out is here for you. We have some direct links for you to take a peek at! Check out the Green Goblin terrorizing some bus riders by clicking {3}! Watch Spiderman swing from New York's skyline and play a little game of hide and go seek by clicking {4}!

E.T. will be re-released on March 22nd, 2002. BUT, for now you can keep dibs on your favorite extraterrestrial by plugging into the 20th anniversary website!

Interested in seeing 18, count 'em, 18 videos from French flick, Amelie? Well then, click this!

OK...maybe you don't want to watch scenes from Amelie, well how about a trio of Spy Game clips? Click it.

No? That didn't do it for you? What about some images of Michael Mann's Ali movie? Punch this.

In Lights Out news...we've added a little feature to make life a lot easier for all. If you notice on the left hand side of the navigation, we've added a "Latest Media" box. This area changes constantly to let you know...well, what the latest media is we've added to our Hollywood Movies section. Like the top of the page says..."Stay tuned for the latest".

Death's End: II is still in production and Steve Reedy's Takeback is coming...prepare yourself!

Eat turkey...or...maybe not. ~Brian