With villain-centric comic book movies finding great success on the big screen, Michael Mando is hopeful he'll one day reprise his Spider-Man: Homecoming role in a Scorpion spin-off movie. In 2017, Mando debuted as the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Mac Gargan, the private investigator who goes on to become the supervillain Scorpion (and later Venom) in the original Marvel Comics storylines.

At the least, there seems to be a good chance we'll be seeing Mac Gargan again in the upcoming Far From Home sequel, but if you ask Mando, he'd be up for leading a movie about Scorpion in the vein of something like Venom.

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Michael Mando was directly asked if he'd be up for starring in a Scorpion spin-off similar to Venom or Morbius. Making it clear he'd be on board, Mando had this to say in response.

"I definitely would. I think that would be fascinating - a detective who goes rogue. Mac Gargan kind of goes a little bit insane, and there's also this other story where he becomes Venom as well. I think it's a very, very rich character; it's a dark character. And he's a cop at the end of the day; he's a detective. I think that'd be something that I would definitely be something I'd like to watch."

In Homecoming, Mando appears as Mac when the character meets with associates of Vulture (Michael Keaton) at the Staten Island Ferry for an alien weapons deal. The meeting is interrupted by Spider-Man (Tom Holland), culminating with Mac suffering facial injuries and getting sent to prison. His return is teased in an upcoming movie with the mid-credit scene for Homecoming, with Mac asking Vulture about the rumor that he knows Spider-Man's true identity. This makes it appear Mac is harboring a grudge against the web-slinger and suggests that the story between these two is far from over.

The surprise blockbuster hit that Venom turned out to be in 2018 can only help our chances of seeing more solo movies for other comic book supervillains and antiheroes. After that movie topped over $850 million at the box office, a sequel was quickly ordered by Sony with Tom Hardy reprising the role, scheduled to be released this October. Additionally, Jared Leto will play the antihero Morbius, the Living Vampire in a 2021 movie. It should also be noted that another solo movie about a famous Spidey villain is on the way, as a Kraven the Hunter movie is currently in the works.

As of now, it remains unclear if and when we'll see Mando back in the role of Mac Gargan, but the actor can also be seen in a major role on the small screen. Currently, he portrays the fan favorite role of Nacho Varga in AMC's Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul, which just wrapped up its fifth season this week. The sixth and final season will debut on network sometime next year, with tentative plans to shoot the last episodes this fall. This news comes to us from Screen Rant.