The Amityville Horror: According to Variety, MGM has drafted Texas Chainsaw Massacre scribe Scott Kosar to write the remake of The Amityville Horror, a co-production of the Lion and Dimension Films.

MGM, which owned the rights to the original 1979 haunted house hit, is taking the creative lead on the project, after the studio and Dimension buried the hatchet in a deal that ended a competition to mount films on the same subject.

"Our version of 'The Amityville Horror' will be based squarely on the original film that covered the 28 days that one family spent in this famous house," Bay said. "It is not a slasher film and is certainly more cerebral than 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' but we found Scott to be very good at knowing signature moments from an original film, and how to change it enough to feel fresh."

Bay said they are zeroing in on a director for the remake, expecting to be in production by May or June.