Producer Scott Mednick and writer-director David S. Ward are teaming up to develop a feature based on Margaret A. Weitekamp's book Right Stuff Wrong Sex, about the secret women's space program.

According to Variety, the story follows the confrontation between two of aviation's female titans, Jackie Cochran and Jerrie Cobb, in a battle to send the first woman into space.

"This story is a compelling portrait of two incredibly driven women not only set against the creation and ultimate dismantling of the secret Woman in Space program, but within the context of the Cold War and the rise of the women's movement in America" said Mednick.

Cochran, sometimes called the "Speed Queen," held a slew of aviation records and became the first woman to go "supersonic" with Chuck Yeager flying her chase plane.

Cobb grew up in the farmland idolizing Cochran and was one of the first women tested for the female Astronaut Program, outscoring a majority of the men. As she made her bid to go into space, she also launched an assault on Cochran's records and set marks for speed, distance and absolute altitude.

No production date has been set.