Edgar Wright has revealed that Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is returning to theaters. The director made the announcement after tweeting along to the beloved cult movie live on social media. Wright also revealed a ton of information about the movie during the live event, including the fact that the video game Michael Cera and Ellen Wong play was animated by Tim Miller, who would later go on to direct Deadpool. Wright also claims that pop star Beck wrote 32 Sex Bob-Omb songs in 32 hours, which is pretty impressive.

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Edgar Wright concluded the night with some great news for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fans. He Tweeted, "Finally, I wanted to make an announcement about the movie... something we were going to do for the 10th anniversary in August..." The post got an immediate response, as it did its follow up. "If you thought watching Scott Pilgrim from home was great," wrote Wright, "wait until it's back @DolbyCinema, only in theatres!" The director then revealed that they do not have a specific timeframe at the moment, noting that they originally had aimed for August.

Major movie theater chains across North America have been closed since the middle of March. At this time, the plan is to reassess and possibly open in time to release Christopher Nolan's Tenet on July 17th. Though everything seems to change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, it looks like that should be able to happen, which means Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could potentially hit theaters again in August, depending on how everything pans out before then and now.

As for people wanting to come back to movie theaters, we have seen mixed results from separate polls. In a recent poll, it appears that 70% of moviegoers would rather stay home and watch whatever title they have available. This has been proven with the success of Trolls World Tour and more recently with Scoob. However, in a poll from earlier this month, it was reported that 75% of moviegoers would be interested in returning this summer as long as the theaters are up to date on safety protocols. While looking at these numbers, it's safe to assume that the true number is somewhere in the middle, which seems to be consistent with other studies conducted since March.

Will Edgar Wright get Scott Pilgrim vs. the World back into theaters this summer? For now, that seems unlikely, but there are a few movies, like Venom 2, that have vacated their fall release date, meaning there will be an opening for something like the cult favorite to return. Again, this all seems to change on a daily basis or whenever the wind blows, so we'll really just have to continue to be patient and just wait and see. You can check out Edgar Wright's Twitter announcement pertaining to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World below.