Edgar Wright's cult comic book favorite, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World has been hitting the headlines a lot recently due to the movie now being a groan-inducing ten years old. The movie itself is chock-full of stars, from Michael Cera to Brie Larson, with each actor so perfect for their respective roles that it's hard to imagine anyone else in their place. Well, one actor who did audition unsuccessfully is Tenet and The Batman star Robert Pattinson, who tried out for Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend, Lucas Lee.

"I remember it vividly," director Edgar Wright said of Pattinson's audition. "He did a much more intense read of it as well. Obviously, Robert is an incredible actor and someone who I'd love to work with now. But it was a very different take from what Chris did."

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Casting director Jennifer Euston offered a few more details regarding Pattinson's audition saying, "I remember we were asking him about Twilight, and he was like, 'Yeah, I don't know. I just saw it. It's okay, I guess. I don't know.' He was really good at an American accent." Fans of Robert Pattinson will know that the young actor has had a strained relationship with the vampire role that shot him onto the A-list, often poking fun at the movies and his performances in them.

The role of the egotistical action movie star Lucas Lee ultimately went to Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and whilst it is pretty easy to imagine Pattinson in the role, Evans undoubtedly made it his own thanks to his pitch perfect comic timing and natural charm.

Wright also revealed that Evans' buddy Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan, almost joined the ensemble, with the MCU actor auditioning for Stephen, the lead singer of Sex Bob-omb. According to Euston, "Edgar said he'd be better for Lucas Lee" and the role passed him by. While Wright does not reveal the entire list of actors who auditioned hoping to join the world of Scott Pilgrim, he mentions that GLOW's Betty Gilpin, Rooney Mara, and Zoe Kazan were all in the frame to play Scott Pilgrim's ex, Kim Pine.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World recently celebrated its tenth anniversary with a virtual read-through by the cast last month. When it comes to a proper sequel though, the future is somewhat unclear, with several members of the movie's cast declaring that they would be up for it. "For me, that 'well' would just mean being around that group again," Scott Pilgrim actor Michael Cera said previously. "It was such a great group. Fortunately, we all do get together and it really was like a great band or something and we all loved being around each other and that happens, obviously, less and less, but when the movie was coming out and even a few years after that, we were all hanging out quite a lot."

While there is currently no news regarding a sequel, director Edgar Wright has said recently that there are "plans" to go back into the pop culture, video game-like world of Scott Pilgrim via an anime-style take. "There's some plans - and there's nothing official yet - but there are some plans to revisit the material in an animation way," Wright said of the project.

"We've been talking with Bryan and with [executive producer] Jared [LeBoff] for a while [about]: What if we did something with the books in anime form? It's being discussed as we speak." This comes to us from Vanity Fair.