George Miller's Justice League of America has enjoyed more casting confirmations and then retractions than nearly any other film in all of history. Everyone seems to have "inside information" about who will take the role of DC Comic's most famous superheroes. Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) has been in the forefront of "confirmed" casting rumors for Justice League of America in the role of Superman. However, Comic Book Resources received the following email from a source who would prefer to remain anonymous:

I read the Reel Wrap Up of 12/5 and saw that the LA Times was reporting that Scott Porter is set to be "Big Blue" in George Miller's film. A friend of mine is good buddies with Scott Porter (Porter appears regularly on his podcast) and I asked him to look into it, and while Scott wishes it were true, unfortunately he is not set to be Superman. This could be that he has to keep quiet about the project until an official announcement, but I believe my guy. I hope this helps.

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Of course, being an unknown and unconfirmed source, there is no way to verify that Porter is out. On the other hand, since Warner Bros. still has not released an official cast list, there is no way to confirm that Porter is still set for the role of the Last Son of Krypton either.

We will keep you informed about this and other Justice League of America casting news as it comes out.