The Weinstein's will be minus one big producer in one of their upcoming releases. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Scott Rudin has walked away from the upcoming Weinstein Co. film, The Reader.

The news apparently surprised Harvey and Bob Weinstein, since it seemed the Weinsteins and Rudin had settled their arguements about the film. Rudin had been pushing for a 2009 release, in order to properly complete post-production, but the Weinstein's had been insistent on a 2008 release. Rudin had agreed on the December 12, 2008 release and garnered more post-production help for director Steven Daldry.

Now, apparently Rudin won't even have a producers credit on the film. Donna Gigliotti will remain as a producer, and the late Sydney Pollack and the late Anthony Minghella are credited as producers as well.

The film stars Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes.