Beowulf:Inside Film has some new news on a big screen adaptation of the legendary "Beowulf" which inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write "The Lord Of The Rings" books. Scott Speedman and Sean Connery are in talks to star...

Scott Speedman starred in the stylish and creepy vampire movie UNDERWORLD as well as the huge television series, Felicity The producers are out to Sean Connery to play Hogarth. BEOWULF is an epic tale based on the famous Old English poem, Beowulf , which inspired Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. The medieval adventure, part fable, part horror-story is loosely based on the 9th century Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf, telling the blood-soaked tale of a Norse hero’s battle with a great and murderous troll. The story’s spine is simple; out of loyalty to an old friend, a young hero leads a troop of warriors across the sea to help rid a village of a marauding monster. But here the conventions end. The code of the warrior is the law of the land and Beowulf is the greatest warrior of them all. He’s brave and powerful, aware of his fame and a little bit full of himself — the medieval equivalent of a rock star - aware, but not entirely happy, that a hero-myth is rising up around his exploits. Beowulf prefers to see himself as an ordinary man, but for his particular skill in slaying monsters. The monster in this case is not a creature of mythic powers, but one of flesh and blood - immense flesh and raging blood, driven by a vengeance from being wronged. Beowulf wants to do the right thing, but what the right thing is, becomes increasingly unclear.
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.