Good news, everyone! Daisy Ridley is finally in a comic book movie! Kind of. A new trailer for Scrawl, a horror movie that was initially shot more than 4 years ago and hit the festival circuit in 2015, is finally getting released. It just so happens to star the aforementioned Ridley, who has since become a megastar thanks to her work in the Star Wars franchise, and it's about a killer comic book.

A little background. This movie was shot by director Peter Hearn some time ago and even played at several festivals, such as Fright Night Film Festival and Zed Fest Film Festival back in 2015. It has screened precisely nowhere since 2016 and has since been lost to time. There is also an argument to be made that this is actually the debut movie of Daisy Ridley. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was her first movie to actually be released, but she did, technically speaking, star in Scrawl first. In any event, it was shelved for years and now, finally, is available to view. No doubt thanks to Ridley's name recognition.

As for the trailer itself it's, well, it's really something. It's clearly a very low-budget effort. It's incredibly difficult to get any sort of grasp on what's going on. There's a comic book. A boy who wrote said comic book. Lots of people dying and a lot of bizarre imagery and dialogue that doesn't make a whole lot of sense without more context. Many people will probably just stumble upon this trailer and will have no clue about its history. It's certainly going to come as a surprise when they see Rey from Star Wars in a micro-budget horror flick.

Scrawl centers on Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes), a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town. Along with his best friend Joe Harper (Joe Daly), they create a comic book called Scrawl. Annie Williams (Annabelle Le Gresley), gets wrapped up in their new world, along with Joe's sister Rosie (Ellie Selwood). Things change with the appearance of a mysterious girl, Hannah (Daisy Ridley), as events in the comic book start to become reality. At first, it's great. Girls become interested in Simon and Joe. It all seems like good fun. Then the monsters begin to appear and the boys realize that the comic depicts a bloody great massacre on page 21. Will Simon and Joe be able to change their new reality? Only if they can rewrite death.

Peter Hearn penned the screenplay for the movie as well. For those who want to see this odd little piece of movie history for themselves, it's currently available to rent or purchase on VOD. For those who feel as though this is worth adding to their personal collection, Scrawl is available on DVD as well, exclusively at Wal-Mart. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the One Media YouTube channel for yourself.

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