Scream 4 will be heading to theaters in just under four months, opening nationwide on April 15, although it seems the cast and crew might be getting back to work with reshoots. A Northville, Michigan resident received a filming notice for what appears to be reshoots of Scream 4. Take a look below:

"One of our readers, Amy, received a filming notice in Northville, MI (on Clement St. between 7 mile and Frederick) for Jan. 31 & Feb. 2 that simply listed a motion picture entitled "Z". RELATED: Scream 5 Directors Reveal the Real Reason Why the Original Cast Returned

Anyone who was following the Scream 4 shoot last summer will remember much of the film was shot in Northville under the production name Z. So, it sounds to us like Scream 4 may be returning to Northville to shoot another scene."

Of course, it very well could be a different production. However, since Scream 4 already shot in that same town, under the same production code name, it seems that reshoots are happening. Nothing has been confirmed yet by the production or Dimension Films.