Michigan Movies and More has posted some brand new set images from Scream 4, which is currently filming in Ann Arbor, Michigan and set for release on April 15, 2011. Click on the images below to access our growing gallery of on-set photos from Wes Craven's new sequel. Take a look below the photos and an on-set video featuring Hayden Panettiere. We also have news on an original Scream cast member who has debunked rumors that he is appearing in Scream 4:

AnnArbor.com reported yesterday that Matthew Lillard, who played Stu Macher in the original Scream, was spotted in Ann Arbor having dinner with Neve Campbell, which lead to speculation that Lillard was going to appear in Scream 4. Lillard cleared up the rumors on his Twitter account, where he said he is not appearing in the film:

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"For the record... NOT in Scream 4. Visiting the set and dinner with cast members does NOT equal Scream 4. I swear on my eyeballs."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further news regarding Scream 4 as soon as we have more information.