When legendary director Wes Craven passed away in 2015, the horror genre was forever changed. His final film wound up being 2011's Scream 4, the final installment in a series which saw Craven directing each sequel. With Craven gone, chances of a fifth Scream movie seem a bit unlikely, as filling the shoes of such an icon is extremely difficult for any filmmaker. Still, should a potential Scream 5 ever go into production, you can count on seeing franchise star David Arquette returning to once again play the most loveable cop in Woodsboro.

Speaking in a recent podcast, Arquette recognized the trouble in doing another sequel without Wes Craven at the helm. This echoes what co-star Neve Campbell has previously said about the concept, feeling it might be too difficult to pull off under the creative guidance of someone else. Still, Arquette feels the late director would still be a part of the project in spirit, as a new movie could, in a sense, pay homage to his legacy. Should a sequel happen, Arquette would be fully on board, thinking of it as a fun way to return to the series if the fans would want to see it happen.

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"Yeah, absolutely. I would love to do that. I think [Craven would] still be a part of it in an incredible way. It would be like a tribute almost. Yeah, I think it would be really fun. I love everyone involved in it. Neve is such an anchor, and so incredible as an actress. I think there's something there."

Campbell's Sidney Prescott has to be the unluckiest person on the planet in the Scream universe. Every time she moves on with her life, some new psycho (or a pair of them) bring back Ghostface to kill everyone she knows in their attempts to get to her. Having survived four of these killing sprees so far, a fifth film would mean poor Sid will once again come face to face with another Ghostface, wondering which of her friends she'll be finding underneath the mask this time. At the same time, another Scream film without Campbell would really seem to be missing something vital, so fans will still likely embrace the idea.

Since the final Scream film, the franchise has since been adapted into a TV series by MTV. As a reboot of the original film, the cast consisted of entirely new names portraying character unconnected to the movie franchise. The iconic Ghostface mask also went through a major overhaul, looking vastly different from the black-and-white one we've come to recognize from the feature films. The show ran on the network for two seasons, and the upcoming third season will be rebooting the story once again with another new set of characters for Ghostface to torment.

Scream 5 is nothing more than a distant possibility at this point, with no official plans for the film in the works at any studio. With prominent stars from the series such as Arquette maintaining their interest in being involved, however, it remains something we just might see in theaters one day. The recent success of Halloween only increases Scream 5's chances, as Hollywood can no longer deny the money to be made with new sequels to classic, R-rated horror franchises. Arquette's words come to us from the Slasher Radio podcast.