For those who haven't seen Scream 4, there will be spoilers throughout the rest of this article. Harvey Weinstein revealed at the Zurich International Film Festival that he wants his brother Bob Weinstein, who heads up The Weinstein Company's genre division, Dimension Films, to make Scream 5, which will end the Ghostface franchise.

"Everyone lived in Scream 4. I'm begging him to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow."
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Back in April 2011, just before the release of Scream 4, director Wes Craven revealed that the sequel is intended to be the start of a new trilogy. The director also told us in September 2011 that Scream 5 is definitely happening, although that was the last we have heard about the sequel until now. Scream 4 earned just $38.1 million at the domestic box office, and $97.1 million worldwide, from a $40 million budget.

While making the press rounds in Zurich, Harvey Weinstein also spoke about the Scream TV series, which was given a pilot order in April by MTV, with Wes Craven directing the pilot. While we don't have a direct quote from Harvey Weinstein, he revealed that the series won't have much to do with the original movie franchise, representing a new direction with supernatural elements. We reported in July that Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie (Revenge) have signed on to write the pilot episode.

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