Despite internet rumors suggesting the contrary, Blumhouse is not actively developing a reboot for the horror movie Scream. Recently, it was reported that the studio was moving forward with a planned movie reboot of the Wes Craven franchise, spreading the rumor throughout the internet. On Tuesday, the report made its way to the Blumhouse VP of Feature Film Development, Ryan Turek, who officially killed the rumor dead. "Ha, I wish," Turek bluntly writes in response to an article covering the rumor, confirming the studio is definitely not working on anything Scream-related.

Directed by Wes Craven, the first Scream movie was released in theaters in 1996. It stars Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, a teenage girl targeted by a masked murderer deathly obsessed with horror movies. Courteney Cox-Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Liev Schreiber, and Rose McGowan also starred. By incorporating plenty of meta-humor and taking advantage of its self-awareness as a horror movie, Scream felt fresh in a genre that had been oversaturated with endless cookie cutter slasher movies. It brought about great success critically and at the box office, spawning a sequel which would last for many years.

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In the years following Scream, Craven would return to direct its multiple sequels. The filmmaker would release Scream 2 in 1997 followed by Scream 3 in 2000, with different killers under the Ghostface mask each time. The franchise would remain dormant for many years after that before Craven gave it one last go in 2011 with Scream 4, bringing back all of the surviving characters from before. Originally, the return to the series was meant to be the start of a new trilogy, as Craven had plans to do at least two more installments. Sadly, Craven died in 2015, and his vision for the fifth and sixth movies never came to fruition. It remains possible the story could one day continue with a new director at the helm, but without Craven's touch, it may feel like something was off.

Of course, you could say Scream has already been rebooted twice, although each time was for the small screen. Previously, MTV introduced a Scream TV series which reimagined the events of the original movie with an all-new set of characters. The show ultimately lasted for two seasons before its run came to an end on the network. It was then reported a new four-part Scream mini-series was in development, eventually finding its home on VH1. Airing from June to July, the series starred Keke Palmer, Giorgia Whigham, RJ Cyler, Jessica Sula, Giullian Yao Gioiello, and Paris Jackson. As of now, there are no apparent plans to produce any follow-up seasons of the show.

Without Craven, perhaps the Scream franchise is best left in the past. After all, how many psychopathic murderers does Sidney Prescott have to deal with in one lifetime? She's certainly gone through enough. At least the studio will be bringing us plenty of Michael Myers instead with multiple Halloween sequels on the way. The Scream reboot rumor's debunking comes to us from Ryan Turek on Twitter.