Matthew Lillard thinks that Stu may have been able to survive at the end of Wes Craven's Scream. The actor previously stated that he would be more than willing to return for Scream 5 earlier this year. It was just announced that Neve Campbell is returning to the iconic horror franchise to join Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Marley Shelton. Could Stu have really survived to wreak havoc once again? Lillard is teasing that it's a real possibility.

Late last night, Matthew Lillard took to Twitter to post, "I mean... it was just a TV? Right? You'd think he'd SURVIVE?" The reference is obviously to his character Stu Macher from the first Scream and fans are starting to get hyped. The actor even hashtagged the post with Stu. While Stu could come back in Scream 5, Lillard really never left the franchise, which could be a way that Stu makes it back. The actor is in Scream 2 as "Guy at a Party" and is briefly seen on screen. He also had a part in Scream 4 at the Stab-a-Thon.

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Stu Macher was stabbed several times before the TV was dropped on his head, so if he did survive, he might have a drastic new look in Scream 5. In an interview from May, Lillard said, "Yes, yes, I'm available, yes, yes!" when asked about in appearance in the sequel. Lillard noted, "There's nobody that wouldn't want to come back and reprise a role they got to do when they were a boy and be able to do something different as a man would be exciting." He continues, "You just don't get that opportunity often." However, he later admitted that he "can't imagine that's the way they'll go" in the upcoming sequel.

Though Matthew Lillard originally thought that he wouldn't return as Stu for Scream 5, it appears his thoughts may have changed over the past handful of months. Wes Craven even wanted to bring the character back and there was originally a plan for Stu to be ordering the murders from Scream 3 in his jail cell. There are a lot of ways that the character could come back, so it is very possible.

Even is Matthew Lillard comes back for Scream 5 in a background cameo, horror fans will more than likely be really happy. It's a tradition at this point in time. Around the time that Lillard was asked about a possible return of Stu, Neve Campbell admitted that she was in negotiations. "The conversations are being had, that's for sure," she shared. "There was a lot of talk about it. I wasn't sure it was going to happen... We're starting conversations, we're starting negotiations." Well, that all changed earlier this week when it was officially announced that she was on board. Maybe Lillard will be next? You can check out Matthew Lillard's Twitter tease for Scream 5 above.