DOOM:HomeLand has a massive transcript up of a recent interview the site did with DOOM screenwriter, David Callaham. During the course of the interview many plot details were revealed, production notes, as well as character details. Here are some highlights...

And what about those newly created characters? Callaham said that John, the Space Marine to be played by Karl Urban (best know as Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy), is stationed along with his unit in a research base on an alien planet (the planet is unnamed in the movie unlike the games Doom and Doom 3 which are set on Mars). In the movie he is reunited with his sister, a scientist on the based named Samantha (to be played by Die Another Day villainess Rosamund Pike). They were separated after an accident that killed their parents and Callaham says, “They are a little estranged” However, strange things are afoot on the base as alien monsters begin to appear and both brother and sister have to put aside their differences in order to survive. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will also appear as Sarge, the head space marine, but Callaham warns, “He is not going to be smiling a whole bunch. You won’t see him raise his left eyebrow.”

Callaham understands that, “There are going to be Doom fans that are going to want a movie that is nothing but action.”, but he felt that it was important to put in real people that you can relate to, similar to what Aliens and the first Predator movie had with their Colonial Marines and Special Forces teams respectively. As far as the poor showing video game movies have had over the years and if that intimidated him, he said. “I never thought of it as a video game movie. I wanted to write first a great movie, then a great science fiction movie and then a video game movie.” However, Callaham did say that gamers who know the Doom games will still enjoy it, “I wanted to really make sure that things that are really important to gamers are in the movie,” he said. That includes having “…a liberal amount of the monsters” in the film as well weapons like the BFG as its overall horror tone (although the direct references to the monsters coming from Hell in the games are only implied in the film, according to Callaham). “I wanted to write it creepy and dark and gloomy and really depressing at times,” he said. And that means a likely R rating for Doom.

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