Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and Dawn Of The Dead: MovieHole recently sat down with screenwriter Jame Gunn to talk about his upcoming projects coming to theaters in a few short months. Here are the highlights...

It's sleeker, faster, and furrier. The cast were much more comfortable with their roles, and have all upped their game. Raja was much more confidant, which shows up on screen. The movie is a lot more character-oriented, actually. The studio was a little freaked out when they first saw it – in a good way. It's a lot like Mystic River, only imagine the Sean Penn character as a talking dog... well, maybe not, but it is a lot different from the first movie. The mystery is much more of a mystery – in the last movie we had one real suspect, and then a couple of faux suspects. In this movie we have at least four real suspects. RELATED: Watch the First Living Dead Museum Tour at the Monroeville Mall with Sean Clark

Oh yeah, and the action – there are many bigger, more fun action sequences in this movie. We have a great sequence with Scooby and Shaggy dirt-boarding down the side of a mountain on trash can lids, followed by a couple of skeleton men with eyeballs for heads. We also have a great sequence with the Pterodactyl Ghost chasing the Mystery Machine through the city streets of Coolsville.

Mary Vernieu did an excellent job casting. I really didn't think we'd get somebody like Seth Green to play Patrick Wisely. Seth is just a fabulous actor, and he brings so much to the role. He's strangely dangerous as the character. Peter Boyle is funny as hell. He did the table read and was exactly how I imagined Old Man Wickles. It was uncanny. And Alicia's perfect. She's a real sweetheart on top of being great in the movie."

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