The Los Angeles Times caught up with screenwriter John August (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) who is writing the the first draft of Shazam!, which is anticipated to arrive in theatres in one of the next few summers. Here is a tidbit of the article and what August had to say:

He's looking for a movie that will be funny and light-hearted but respectful of the classic elements of the comics: A boy named Billy Batson meets a wizard and is told that when he utters the word Shazam! a bolt of magic lighting will transform him into an adult hero in a cool red suit. The movie will be set in modern day, not the WWII-era that some fans hoped for. The classic costume-red and yellow with a white cape that is loosely tied around his neck-will be honored. There will be a super-powered villain, too.

I mentioned to August that two years ago I chatted with one of the Shazam! producers, Michael E. Uslan, and he told me even then that any Captain Marvel movie's great challenge would be answering one question: If you were a little kid who could turn into an all-powerful, handsome adult, why on Earth would you ever change back? August's answer: "That's absolutely a key part of the movie. Billy doesn't want to turn back, that's central to the story. And a lot of the movie hinges upon that and Billy's relationship with his best friend and that disparity. They are two teen friends and then suddenly one of them is 30 and a hero. So it creates tension.

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