Newsarama spoke to John Rogers, who wrote the original draft of the Transformers script, about how the final script compares to his draft:

Newsarama: On the subject of your films, you wrote a script for the upcoming live-action Transformers movie. Knowing that screenwriting is a particular sort of collaboration, how much resemblance will the finished movie bear to your original concept?

John Rogers: Yep, I wrote the first draft. I've seen the shooting script, and it's about half and half. They've moved one of the storylines a little earlier, and they've increased the big military aspect, whereas I had focused on some of the smaller, personal stories. Yeah, you know, I get a credit, we'll see. We'll see what it looks like eventually. It goes from me, to the other guys, who work quite extensively with Michael Bay, so using what he needs to get his vision across. The characters are the same, the rough plot's the same, and I've seen the mock-ups of the battles and it's gonna be frickin' huge. It'll be a lot of fun to see.