Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci was interviewed by where he provides some great insight on the upcoming feature film: So I understand you recently completed the second big draft of the script. How different is this one from the original? RELATED: Michael Dorn Teases Worf's Return, But It's Not for a Star Trek Movie or Paramount+ TV Show

Roberto Orci: It is better. It is tighter. The villain is much better; in a first draft you tend to focus on your heroes. So far you guys have only officially confirmed Kirk, Spock and now Uhura and Chekov. So can you confirm that McCoy is in as well as Scotty and Sulu?

Roberto Orci: I don't know how you can have Uhura without Bones. So yes it is the original crew. J.J. [Abrams] has said the film is Spock-centric, but does the young Kirk have as big a role as Quinto's Spock?

Roberto Orci: Totally! It is Lennon and McCartney. However Spock's role is key in that we also have Nimoy. Having said that Kirk is Star Trek and he is as essential. What about Bones? The Kirk/Spock/McCoy 'troika' is also quintessential Trek, with McCoy being the counterpoint to Spock and Kirk in the middle.

Roberto Orci: That is a big part of what we are doing. You are correct that their interaction and how they face the impossible is what Trek is about and that is no different in our movie.

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