And So It Goes: According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg will make his directorial debut on And So It Goes from a script he wrote. The project, out to financiers and producers, is aiming for a spring start. Although Rosenberg has become known for writing such high-octane scripts as Con Air and Gone in 60 Seconds, his directorial debut will take him back to his earlier material like Beautiful Girls.

"Goes" is set in New England and will carry with it a theme of friendship and the passing of time. The project, described as "Beautiful Girls" meets "The Hours" meets About a Boy, is about how the appearance of a couple of children causes an underachiever to revisit his relationship with his best friend -- the kids' father -- who has since passed away. CAA, which reps Rosenberg, is helping to package the project. The scribe is continuing with his writing, having recently signed on to script the animated DreamWorks feature "Rex Havoc." He also will be co-writing Columbia Pictures' remake of "Let's Get Harry" and Universal Pictures' remake of "The Sentinel." Rosenberg most recently wrote and executive produced the Showtime drama "Going to California" and co-wrote this year's Warner Bros. Pictures comedy "Kangaroo Jack."

Stay tuned for more on this project...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.