King Kong: In a brief interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, writer Phillipa Boyens talked about the progress of the script for the upcoming Peter Jackson directed remake of King Kong...

"Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" co-writer Philippa Boyens isn't letting thoughts of the film's 11 Academy Awards nominations - including her own - stop her from focusing on her next project. She can't. There's no time. She is again working with "LOTR" filmmaker Peter Jackson (they share "Return of the King" writing credits with Fran Walsh), penning his planned new version of "King Kong." The new "Kong" has 21 Grams Oscar nominee Naomi Watts attached to star, and it's already set for an August production start.
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"We're doing some work on it right now," says New Zealander Boyens, who adds that being back in the States - in L.A., to be exact - has helped her get into the American mind-set. "This is such an American story."

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