When news about SuperMax was first unveiled, many fans of DC Comics' Green Arrow were a little upset. I don't know if the script review from the guys at Latino Review will relieve all of their concerns, but it might at least be a step in the right direction. Green Arrow is not completely new to television fans, having appeared in both the Justice League cartoon as well as a younger incarnation (played by Justin Hartley) who has been appearing on Smallville since Season 6.

The film is being written by Justin Marks and David Goyer (who also wrote Batman Begins). It breaks most of the rules of the superhero movie - in it, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) starts the film already established as a superhero, and then within the first ten minutes, the hero is unjustly arrested, unmasked and sent to a high-security prison for supercriminals - the Super Max. While within the prison, a plot on his life is revealed, and Green Arrow must team with many of the criminals who he helped put behind bars in order to escape.

Fans of the character reacted to the initial announcement with outrage. Green Arrow is unmasked almost immediately? He won't be able to use his bow and arrow for much of the film? And (most upsetting of all to some fans) they're shaving off his goatee?

The script review, however, reveals what sounds like a really cool action-adventure script. The movie will feature cameos from some of the DC Universe's greatest villains (the Joker, Lex Luthor and the Riddler), along with a host of lesser-known villains. The tie-in to the rest of the DC Universe should provide enough of a hook for hard-core comic fans, and the film as a whole sounds like the kind of action film that will appeal even if you've never heard of Green Arrow.

(And if SuperMax is successful enough, perhaps a Green Arrow sequel will allow the character to return to his heroic ways?)

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