Scrubs is set to go through a major transformation when it returns in the fall. According to The Ausiello Files, John C. McGinley's Dr. Cox and Donald Faison's Turk will leave the hospital to become med-school professors.

Bill Lawrence, the man behind the sitcom, stated, "It'll be a lot like Paper Chase as a comedy. It's going to be a different show. It'll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs again in the hospital with a different person's voiceover, it would be a disaster and people would be mad." The Sacred Heart hospital will still be part of the show, as new students will occasionally rotate through its halls. The cast will include a slew of new faces, most of them playing students, but Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins have all agreed to return in some capacity.

Lawrence continued, saying, "Med students in their first three years have to spend anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of their time at a hospital. And that's when you'll see some of the [original cast members]. Continuity-wise, Sacred Heart will still exist with those people still working there."

Apparently, ABC is pressuring Lawrence to cast a known celebrity as one of the incoming freshman, "Half the cast, if not 60 percent of it will be comprised of freshmen, one of which will be more recognizable than the rest. ABC is really after us to hire a big name. So one of them will be fairly famous."

Scrubs is set to return to ABC in the fall.