The Good

This show seems to have evolved naturally and in many ways unnaturally.

The Bad

I wish the "My 117 Episodes" bonus feature had been longer.

Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season continues the antics and lives of our favorite doctors at the Sacred Heart Hospital. However, the most noticeable change is that J.D., Elliot and Turk have a lot more authority within their new positions on the staff. Don't think that any of the show's trademark wackiness has been curbed, it just seems to be reinvested differently throughout the body of the show. With a runtime of 530 minutes, there are 24 episodes to keep you laughing, guessing, scratching your head, and also... speechless.

Some of the standout episodes in this new collection are "My Own Personal Hell," which sees Elliot upset at J.D. (what else is new?), while others on the staff are upset at her. If this wasn't enough to fill up an episode, Carla spends her screen time trying to covertly find out if Turk is able to provide a woman with the necessary ingredients to have children. "My Fallen Idol," is actually a somewhat more serious episode in its tone. Basically, Dr. Cox needs a big support group when three patients shuffle the mortal coil on his watch. However, J.D. doesn't join these ranks for personal reasons. I think this episode did a great job showing the deep variances of tone that this show has. Lastly, "My Half-Acre" was a lot of fun to watch because I think it highlighted the great dynamic between J.D. and Elliot, while also underscoring their classic chemistry.

Overall, Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season isn't too much different than its predecessors, however, maybe that's what makes it good?


Commentary Tracks

They have put a few commentary tracks on this three disc set. They feature members of the cast and crew and while I found what they had to say interesting, I am sadly not a big enough fan of this show to really care that much. Still, they spoke about some interesting things like working with the guest stars, how the characters have changed shape since the first season, and the vagaries and rewards of trying to pull off some really outrageous site gags. I wouldn't go so far as to call this stuff mandatory listening material, but if you are a big fan of the show you probably should.

"My Way Home" - Director's Cut of 100th Episode by Zach Braff

Deleted Scenes and Alternate Lines

I enjoyed looking at these sections mainly because this show doesn't seem like it could really afford to cut many scenes. There is so much going on in each episode, one wonders how they might play if certain plot points or subplots were left to fester or run wild; which is what these sections somewhat propose. I also laughed a bit as I was watching this stuff. They have also done a fairly good job of making it pretty easy to go through all these things. Sometimes, certain box sets make deleted scenes hard to find or the packaging doesn't delineate where things are correctly. None of that was a problem here, and I actually feel that these two sections merited being on this disc.

My 117 Episodes

They have put together a retrospective of sorts looking back at the 5 years that this show has been on the air. Its biggest fault is that its only about 20 minutes. When one considers how long 117 episodes actually is, couldn't they have at least extended this piece to be 30 minutes or so? As I am a late comer to this show, My 117 Episodes was interesting to me because it illuminated, explained and showcased things about the characters that explains a lot about them now. Good stuff, just not long enough.


1.33:1 - Aspect Ratio. Buena Vista always seems to do a good job with the compression on these multi-disc, TV on DVD sets. Sometimes you get shows that look a little dark, but I have noticed with the newer stuff that things look noticeably better than when they play on TV. Truthfully, I have only caught Scrubs on regular TV on only a few occasions. However, the picture quality in this set was noticeably good. The colors were sharp and at the same time they were just bright enough to grab my attention. It seems that BVHE has done a very good job with the compression on these discs.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo - The sound on Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season was good. I find myself saying this a lot but it really bares truth, as long as I can hear what the characters are saying I don't have too many issues with the audio. Also, on a show like this the audio is merely meant to convey the overt information that's being presented on screen. Maybe its my mindset? Because I don't expect a lot, I don't notice a lot. That does work both ways and I also didn't notice anything bad with the audio, either.


The main members of the Scrubs cast are here on this front cover, with a pulse checker seemingly covering all of them. The back of this slipcase cover presents us with some shots from this show, a description of what this 5th Season has in store, a Special Features listing and technical specs. The three discs that store all the content are neatly housed within this Scrubs inflected artwork.

Final Word

One thing you can always count on with Scrubs is that the show is going to go for it. The writers seem like they sit in a room, they get the story structure mapped out, then they do everything they can (in most episodes) to try and throw as much chaos as possible. Why did this format click with Americans when Arrested Development didn't? I really can't say, however something tells me that this country loves shows that are set in hospitals. If you doubt this, how else can we explain the longevity of ER, and the airspace that show currently shares with Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy?

In closing, it seems like Scrubs is having a pretty respectable run. One never really hears about this show going downhill, or that the writing isn't what it once was. If anything, it seems like people have gone along with this show throughout its many journeys If you are one of those people (or even if you're a newcomer), I would suggest checking out Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season.

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