Welcome to your worst fears! In Fear Clinic, Horror legend Robert Englund stars as the sinister, maniacal genius Dr. Andover. His obsession: To cure humanity's worst fears. His method: The Fear Chamber, a device of his creation that can bring any worst fear to life. With Dr. Andover's extreme methods his unwilling patients will be cured for good. Or die trying! The spine-tingling action of Fear Clinic will unfold over five webisodes. Each episode will spotlight Dr. Andover's eerily extreme methods to help a patient at the clinic conquer their greatest fears: From hydrophobia (fear of water), scotophopia (fear of the dark), and entomophobia (fear of insects), to claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) and misophobia (fear of being contained with germs or dirt). Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder co-star. Robert Hall directs the project with effects from his company Almost Human. While at Comic-Con 2009, we caught up with the team behind this wicked new weekly web series. To watch our exclusive video interviews with Kane Hodder and director Robert Hall, click on the video clips below:

Fear Clinic is set to premiere this October.

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