Lost is here at Comic-Con 2009 today and many new clues were unleashed during the course of the last hour that will have everyone scratching their heads for days.

Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof showed three videos to the crowd in panel H today...

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Video #1: Oceanic Ad

The first video was an ad for Oceanic Air. The first clue to be revealed here was the fact that the company had apparently formed in 1979, which would be consistent with last season's jump back to the 70's, but obviously some seedy underhanded work is alluded to here with the origin date. Just as well, "A perfect safety record." Again, alternate reality?

Video #2: Mr. Cluck's Chicken

The second video ad was for Mr. Cluck's Chicken, which we all know played an integral part in Hurley's storyline throughout the series. The video showcased Hurley who apparently had dreamed of a recipe for perfect chicken while on a trip to Australia. This storyline, if true, would hint at the fact that the events of the season 5 finale did actually change the course of the future as many characters feared, and now Hurley is caught in an alternate future.

Video #3: America's Most Wanted

The final clip was an ad for America's Most Wanted which showcased Kate Austen. The video here actually reveals that Kate in fact, did not kill her stepfather like she thought, but instead killed a plumber named Ryan Milner.

Video #4: Mysteries of the Universe

"The Dharma Initiative. A project discussed for years in and around conspiracy circles. Once thought to be lost, this explosive documentary series has never been seen before...until now."

After the videos ended, cast member Jorge Garcia (Hurley) stood up and asked a question as if he were a fan in the audience. Garcia's remarks about Nikki and Palo being "awesome" on the show were met by another surprise cast member, Michael Emerson (Ben) who amused the crowd with a story about how he had originally had auditioned for the role of Hurley, and was disappointed that he never got it.

The producers followed up by letting everyone know that season 6 will be completely different that all previous seasons. "The time travel season is over. Flashforward season is over. You're going to see something different," said Carlton Cuse.

The panel also revealed that Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell will be both back for season six!

Nestor Carbonell and Josh Holloway also made surprise appearances at the end, but the big shocker was the appearance of Dominic Monaghan taking the stage... which essentially hinted at the return of Charlie to the show!

Speculate away...