Beginning with DC Showcase: The Spectre on the DVD and Blu-ray for Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, DC Universe Animated Original Movies introduced DC Showcase Original Shorts, a series of ten minute animated short films featuring a lesser known DC character in their own adventure. The idea is that each new full-length film that is released from DC Universe Animated Original Movies will also feature a DC Showcase Original Short. Fans at Comic-Con 2010 were excited to be among the first to screen DC Showcase: Jonah Hex, which was released on the recent Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD and Blu-ray. They also got a first look at DC Showcase: Green Arrow, which will appear on Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and details on Superman/Shazam: The Return Of Black Adam, which is going to anchor an upcoming compilation DVD of all the shorts called DC Showcase Delivery. On hand to discuss the exciting new projects were producers Bruce W. Timm and Alan Burnett. To watch our exclusive video interviews, click on the clips below:

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