During the Smallville panel at Comic-Con 2010 today, the cast and crew gathered to give fans a glimpse at what's to come in the show's final season, beginning September 14th on The CW.

Check out the leaked trailer below:

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Here's what fans can expect in season 10:

  • Actor John Schneider made an appearance at the Con, confirming that Clark Kent's father, Johnathan Kent will return this season in some capacity
  • - The producers touched on the Clark flying and basically replied with "everyone know how the comic ends..." and essentially hinted that we will get to see Clark flying....eventually. (Check out the teaser below, is that Clark flying up the side of the Daily Planet?)
  • - The big villain showing up is Darkseid from the comics, though the Smallville's take on the character will be a bit different take.
  • - Erica Durance will appear in all 22 episodes this season while Justin Hartley will be in 17.
  • - The producers are leaving the door open to the possibility of Michael Rosenbaum returning as Lex Luthor, but they also urged fans to start nudging if they want him back.
  • - DC members of the Suicide Squad, as well as Darkseid's harbingers
  • - Hawkman will return, Carter Hall, undertaking an archaeological endeavor in the desert with Lois
  • - The upcoming 200th episode will delve into Smallville's past, present and future, also making it the longest running sci-fi show on television