We don't have to wait for Dark Universe to unleash Creature from the Black Lagoon to give us more nightmares about swimming. An Australian boy has successfully done that himself. The teen has been left unable to walk after unknown sea monsters on a Melbourne beach attacked his legs. The graphic photos show off the teen's bloodied legs from the ankles down with a pool of blood below on the ground. The incident has the boy's parents and researchers trying to figure out just exactly what attacked they boy's legs. Doctors have said that they are baffled by the severity of the injury and do not have a cause at this time.

16-year old Sam Kanizay went to soak his legs at the Dendy Street Beach after a football match. He says that he soaked his feet for maybe about 30 minutes and felt some tingling, but assumed it was due to the frigid temperature of the water since he had felt the sensation before. But what happened next stunned Kanizay as he pulled his legs out of the water to the sight of gushing blood. He figured that he might have stepped on a sharp rock on his way out to the beach, but further investigation did not prove to find a deep wound at the bottom of his feet.

The New Zealand Herald reports that Kanizay walked home and was later swiftly taken to the hospital. They tried washing the blood away, but it just kept gushing out of dozens of pin-sized holes in the teen's legs. The bleeding finally stopped, but the mystery of what happened has now persisted. Kanizay's father went to the beach the following day with some raw meat on a string to see if he could get the same effect, which brought up some sea lice-looking creatures, but researchers are not convinced that what came up was actually some very hungry sea lice.

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Sea lice, also known as marine isopods, are a tiny group of crustaceans that are pretty much the underwater version of pill bugs that we normally find in gardens on land. The tiny crustaceans are often parasites of fish and when they bite humans, they usually leave a small, red rash with minor irritation. Professor Alistair Poore said that the animals that Kanizay's father brought up were in fact, not sea lice. Professor Poore thinks that the tiny creatures might be amphipods, but even finds that unusual since they are not known to bite humans.

Sea lice are found all over the world, but attacks like this are not reported, if they happen at all. So was it a very aggressive strain of sea lice or something far more sinister? At this point, nobody can say for sure, but the story is a bizarre one, to say the least. Let the Kanizay's story be a warning the next time that you're in the ocean and you feel some light tingling going on because some tiny sea monster may be eating you for lunch, one small bite at a time. You can check out the images of Kanizay's legs below, but we must warn you that the images are quite graphic and are not for the faint of heart.

Kevin Burwick