Sean Astin, Giovanni Ribisi, Ron Perlman and Anjelica Huston have joined the CGI-animated Spirit of the Forest, an eco-fairy tale for Fantastic Films International and Dygra Films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Astin and Ribisi play two gopher friends whose home is threatened when an evil businesswoman (Huston) plans to tear down their forest to build a highway. With the help of an old oak tree (Perlman), the animals and their friends fight back with a vengeance.

"In 'Lord of the Rings,' my favorite element in the story was the Ents, these massive trees getting cut down that fought for their own survival; in 'Spirit,' the trees also come to life," said Astin, noting the environmental message in both films. "It's another way of telling a story that needs to continue to be told. Progress comes at a price."

Spirit of the Forest will hit theaters in September in Spain.