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X2: Did you happen to catch the short but sweet X2 footage aired on Fox last night after the original film's TV debut? If you missed, now's your chance to see it again. has been kind enough to encode the footage and stick it online for all to see in Quicktime's new MP4 format!

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Fantastic Four:E! Online reports that Tristan Patterson has been hired to pump out a script for another comic to film adaptation, The Fantastic Four:

Newbie Ivy League screenwriter Tristan Patterson has been tapped to pen the Fantastic Four, which Down with Love's Peyton Reed will direct. I'm already in love. Weeks ago, I mentioned Patterson had sold his Regulators script to Jerry Bruckheimer's production company (Ashton Kutcher is attached).

Goonies 2: A reader over at Aint It Cool recently attended a Sean Astin tribute in Texas where he spoke about a number of projects, including Goonies 2:

The first part had to do with whether or not a four-hour cut of the original Goonies exists or existed at one point (according to some rumor this kid had heard).  Sean said he didn't know about a four-hour cut, but he said of course there were many scenes he knew of that didn't make the final cut - one having to do with a car chase where a car spins out of control and falls off the side of the road or hill or whatever and lands on top of a boat.  He also said there was a scene where the whole gang goes to a grocery store right before their journey.  Those two scenes were off the top of his head, but he assured us there was, indeed, a ton of cut footage.  As for a "director's cut" or special edition DVD with all the extras, nothing was mentioned.  Then Sean went on to answer the question about a possible Goonies sequel, but really didn't have much to say about it simply because he doesn't know much at this point.  Sean mentioned that Spielberg approached him at the Golden Globes last year and said that he had a script in development that was near completion, but Sean didn't think that "Dick" Donner was interested in making a sequel - at least he didn't seem interested the last time he spoke with Donner, he said.

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Frank Darabont:Fox Searchlab has a new lecture series which gets deep inside of the minds of legendary filmmakers. Frank Darabont has recently been interviewed, and you can see it in glorious Quicktime! CLICK HERE

Underworld: Some teaser artwork for the romance / thriller, Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale, is now online. CLICK HERE

Thanks to CHUD.

Tears Of The Sun:Latino Review has a batch of new stills up from Tears Of The Sun. CLICK HERE

Peter Pan: The official site for the live action film is now online. CLICK HERE

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban: A fire recently broke out on the set of the third Harry Potter film, burning more then 100 acres of Scottish land. For the full story, CLICK HERE

Spider-man II:Filmjerk scored some information over the weekend about the happenings in the world of Spider-man:

According to official casting documents being shared with New York casting agents (which was able to obtain), the current name of the production is "Spider-Man II." The Roman numeral-focused title currently displaces the "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man 2" titles that were previously rumored; Interestingly, this is a step backward for the film's name, as Columbia Pictures released promotional art at license trade shows bearing this title in July.

In related news, the production is trying to cast four supporting parts for the picture. They include Daisy, "an intelligent lady still in the bloom of her youth." This character, listed in her 40s, is described as "a classy earth mother who enjoys cooking and poetry. She and her husband have a close, loving relationship." Also being sought after are: A male college professor named Tanner who teaches science; a society women in the age range of 30 to 50 that introduces the guest of honor at a party; and an Italian pizza shop owner. Each of these three latter characters appear in two scenes of the film, and the casting people are looking for local New York actors to shoot their scenes in late April.

Kill Bill: Marilyn Beck & Stacey Jenel Smith recently interviewed actor David Carradine about his role in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming flick, Kill Bill:

"Shooting has been going on so long -- with Quentin continuing to write scenes -- that plans are afoot to turn 'Kill Bill' into two 90-minute features that would be released within five weeks of each other," he says. "The first film would end with a cliffhanger, so that everyone would want to see the second half."

Carradine adds that if these plans go through he would have to come back for more filming. "I was called back in January to do an additional scene Tarantino had written, and was back again twice in February. Dividing 'Kill Bill' into two films would mean my returning to the cameras again for some connective tissue."

Thanks to Coming Soon! for the scoop.

Hollywood Homicide:The Calgary Sun has some new details about the plot of the film. CLICK HERE

Head in the Clouds:Variety says that actress Charlize Theron will replace Natalie Portman in the romance/drama Head in the Clouds. The film, written and directed by John Duigan (Flirting), is about a hedonistic photographic who seduces an adventurous student (Stuart Townsend) in 1930s Europe during the Spanish Civil War. However, when a Spanish refugee (Penelope Cruz) comes along, everything goes to hell.

My Dark Places:Variety reports that crime noir novelist James Ellroy's (L.A. Confidential) book, My Dark Places, based on his attempts to reconcile with his mother's brutal murder in the 1950s and eventual determination to search for the killer who raped and strangled his mom, has been optioned by Artisan. Actor David Duchovny will fill the role of Ellroy. Production begins this June.

Riding the Bullet:Variety reports that a recent best selling Stephen King e-book is coming to the big screen:

"Brad Krevoy is riding high on "Riding the Bullet." The Stephen King e-book has been set up by Krevoy's Motion Picture Corp. of America shingle with production financing provided by Teutonic backer ApolloMedia. Casting for the pic is under way, with a tentative May start for lensing."

"The book tells the story of a suicidal college kid trying to hitchhike across Maine to see his ailing mother. A series of bizarre rides and misfortunes culminates in the teen being picked up by a menacing stranger -- a spectral figure who offers a final lift, a terrible ultimatum and a new perspective on life."

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