Following a successful release in the U.K. last year, American audiences will get their first taste of Alan Partridge on the big screen this spring. Magnolia Pictures has released the second domestic trailer and a new poster for this comedy, which stars Steve Coogan as the title character, an iconic TV and radio broadcaster who is put in the middle of a violent siege when a disgruntled DJ (Colm Meaney) takes over his radio station. Take a look at the latest footage before this British comedy hits theaters nationwide on April 4.

Alan Partridge Poster

Alan Partridge has had many ups and downs in his life. National television broadcaster. Responsible for killing a guest on live TV. Local radio broadcaster. A nervous breakdown in Dundee. His self-published book, 'Bouncing Back', subsequently remaindered and pulped. The Alan Partridge movie portrays the events of the greatest low-to-high-ebb spectrum in his life to date - specifically how he tries to salvage his public career while negotiating a potentially violent turn of events at North Norfolk Digital Radio.