During the recent press junket for Anchorman, Agent Orange gleaned that Adam McKay has a 2nd Ron Burgundy film ready for release. Would that be a straight-to-DVD release? Perhaps, if the first film blows-out the box office with over $100 million... maybe they'd bundle it up for theatrical release?

Q: We've heard that there's an eight-hour director's cut of the movie... RELATED: Anchorman 3 Could Happen, But Might Take a While Says David Koechner

McKay: Eight hours? That would be amazing. We did have a four-hour cut of the movie...We did. We had a four-hour version of the movie that was just littered with cold runs, and stuff like that.

Q: Do you think we'll ever see that version of the movie?

McKay: Yeah, we're going to put out a DVD with all of it. We literally had enough extra footage that we made another, second movie called Wake Up, Ron Burgundy. That's right. I'm not kidding. That is not a joke. It's absolutely true. It's an hour and forty minute second movie of entirely fresh material that will eventually be put out on DVD.

Q: So you're committed to putting it out?

McKay: Yeah. They told us they were. I mean, define committed. I chased down Katzenburg and said, "Are you going to put it out?" And he said, "Get off me! Get your arm off me!" I took that as a yes.

Q: Are they going to do more than one DVD release?

McKay: I think they're going to do one kinda straight-ahead release. Where it's just a movie with some outtakes. And then they're going to do a second release. It's like a two DVD release with that second movie on it, Wake Up, Ron Burgundy...

That's it for now, but keep an eye on the box office performance of Anchorman, and on MovieWeb for upcoming news on this possible sequel.

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