Fox Reality Channel, the only all reality, all the time network, brings back the only awards show honoring reality television and celebrating all of its outrageous moments (and personalities) that kept America glued to their television sets this year: The Fox Reality Channel Awards 2007. The unique categories include Favorite Showmance, Favorite Winner, Favorite Loser, Favorite Potty mouth, Favorite Altered State, The Baddest Bitch and more. Of course no reality awards show would be complete without viewer participation, so Fox Reality Channel brings back the "Golden Realitini" honoring the "Most Memorable Reality Performer" voted for by fans on Special performances include American Idol's very own hair chameleon, Sanjaya.

Welcome to the red carpet where anything can happen. The reality star-studded original event takes place in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 2 and airs exclusively on Fox Reality Channel Saturday, October 13 at 10PM ET/10PM PT. The highly anticipated Fox Reality Channel original series Search for the Next Elvira will premiere immediately following the awards.

"Reality television continues to grow and it has evolved into one of TV's largest and most fascinating genres," said David Lyle, President, Fox Reality Channel. "We strive to be at the forefront of this phenomenal programming and are pleased to bring the fans a show honoring the people that put their lives out there and keep the public tuning in for more. The show was a tremendous success last year and we expect more groundbreaking, completely original 'real' moments this year."

Last year the "Realitini" award made its debut as reality stars were presented with the appropriately oversized martini glass to celebrate their show "performances." This year the coveted award will go to the winners of featured categories including:

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The Fox Reality Channel Awards 2007 presenters and talent thus far include: Elvira, Sanjaya, Hugh Hefner and "The Girls Next Door" Holly, Bridget and Kendra, Scott Baio, Jason Hervey and Johnny V of "Scott Baio is 45... and Single", Janice Dickinson of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," Ron Jeremy of "The Surreal Life Fame Games", Perez Hilton of "Celebrity Rap Superstar," Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry of "My Fair Brady," Renee Always of "America's Next Top Model," Dustin Diamond of "Celebrity Fit Club" & "Saved By The Bell," Ant of "Last Comic Standing" and "Celebrity Fit Club", Jackie and Rebecca of "Workout," Hottie, Larisa, Leilene, Pumkin, and Sapphyri of "Flavor of Love Girls Charm School", Jonny Fairplay of "Survivor," "Dr. Will" Kirby of "Dr. 90210," Mary Murphy of "So You Think You Can Dance", JP Calderon of "Survivor" & "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," Rock Harper and Bonnie Muirhead of "Hell's Kitchen 3," Frank Roessler and Arissa Hill of "The Real World Vegas Reunited," BJ Averell of "The Amazing Race," Cecille Gahr and Jennylee Berns of "Beauty and the Geek," Chance, Mr. Boston and Jason Heat of "I Love New York," The Olley Girls of "Sunset Tan," Traci Bingham of "The Surreal Life Fame Games" & "Baywatch," BJ Averell of "The Amazing Race 9", Diem and Chris "CT" Tamburello of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge", Carrie-Ann Inaba of "Dancing with the Stars," Mike "Boogie" Malin of "Big Brother," Dennis Hoff and the girls from "Cathouse," Jeffrey Ross of "The Next Best Thing", David and Mary Coneley aka "Team Kentucky" of "The Amazing Race All-Stars," Ashley Ferl aka "The Crying Girl" on "American Idol," Marcellas Reynolds of "Big Brother," plus more to be announced.