When Marvel releases Thor: The Dark World on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on February 25, fans will also get to see the studio's next Marvel One-Shot entitled All Hail the King, starring Ben Kingsley reprising his Trevor Slattery role from Iron Man 3. The studio has released the second clip from this short film, which shows Trevor Slattery impressing his fellow Seagate Prison inmates by providing his fake Mandarin voice. The One-Shot co-stars Scoot McNairy as documentary filmmaker Jackson Norris as he prepares for his final interview with this British actor who fooled the world into thinking he was the villainous Mandarin. Take a look at this clip, then read on for more details from Ben Kingsley and writer-director Drew Pearce.

Ben Kingsley first spoke about how much fun he had playing the complex Trevor Slattery in both Iron Man 3 and this Marvel One-Shot short film.

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"I realized I really enjoy playing this total odd concoction of a survivor, a great opportunist and, when you think about it, not a bad actor."

The big twist in Iron Man 3, where it was revealed that Ben Kingsley was actually playing a British actor named Trevor Slattery, and not the actual Mandarin, was met with mixed reactions by Marvel fans. The short film gives us more insight into the character, with a flashback showing one of Trevor's early roles as a Russian spy, where he got to try out his best Sean Connery impression. The actor also spoke about how his worst qualities are the best for him to portray.

"The worst aspects are the most endearing aspects of Trevor: his vanity, his narcissism, his pomposity, his total indifference to the real world around him. They all come out in this extraordinary interview."

Drew Pearce, who co-wrote Iron Man 3 and wrote and directed this short film, reflects on what would have happened if Ben Kingsley's career would have taken some different turns, turning him into his own version of Trevor Slattery.

"He definitely wouldn't be a sir and he'd probably be living in a bedsit (boarding house) in West Kensington with two other old actors. The idea that we Trojan Horsed that into a superhero blockbuster is both ridiculous and also quite exciting."

Even though Trevor Slattery isn't the real Mandarin, Ben Kingsley said there is something unique about this character that allowed him to strike so much fear into the world.

"It's cunning. We don't know whether Trevor's mask to survive through life is 'I'm just a stupid, beer-drinking drug addict from Liverpool.' But inside there, there must be something going on to create the character that terrified Tony Stark and the world. He's not easy to quantify, and I don't now what surprises - if any - Trevor has up his sleeve. But I love playing the complexity and the complete unpredictability."