Apple has released the second trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Skyline, which will be released in theaters nationwide on November 12. Click on the video player below for the latest glimpse at this new aline invasion flick from Colin Strause and Greg Strause. Universal has also provided a new set of images from the movie, and you can click on any of these photos below the trailer to access our growing gallery from the movie:

<strong><em>Skyline</em></strong> Movie Image #1
<strong><em>Skyline</em></strong> Movie Image #2
<strong><em>Skyline</em></strong> Movie Image #3
<strong><em>Skyline</em></strong> Movie Image #4

Skyline takes place in a Los Angeles high-rise where a small group of survivors brave a mysterious attack of otherworldly origins. Donald Faison is playing an entrepreneur who lures his longtime friend (Eric Balfour) to the West Coast. After a night of partying, both wake to find a strange force is swallowing humanity off the face of the earth.