Drafthouse Films has released the second poster for The Ambassador, director Mads Brügger's documentary that was acquired by the studio earlier this month. The filmmaker puts his innovative "performative journalism" style on display, where he disguises himself as a corrupt diplomat in on of the most dangerous places on Earth, the Central African Republic. Take a look at this new 1-sheet featuring the filmmaker in character.

The Ambassador Poster 2

Financed by filmmaker Lars Von Trier's production company Zentropa (Melancholia, Klown) to expose the violence, greed and corruption of foreign businessman in the Central African Republic, Brügger developed a new documentary style that he calls "performative journalism," in which he creates an absurd caricature of a corrupt diplomat and arms himself with a phalanx of hidden cameras, black-market credentials and razor-sharp wit. It's part performance art, part investigative journalism, producing humor, shocking revelations and above all a tragic picture of a failed and corrupt state.