Universal Pictures has released the second red band trailer for The Change-Up, which will debut in theaters nationwide on August 5. Click on the video player below for a new look at this body-swapping comedy starring Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde, and Leslie Mann, but only if you're over the age of 18. The studio has also released new photos from The Change-Up, which you can check out below the red band trailer.

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in The Change-UpAfter that awesome interaction with {131}, we went back to the set where they were shooting the scene that takes place right after the first scene we saw. This time, after Jamie welcomes Mitch at the door, he walks into the house and sees their young daughter Cara (Sydney Rouviere), who asks Uncle Mitch if he is going to her dance recital. What follows in the several takes we saw is a number of humorous responses from {132} as Mitch. It isn't clear which version will make the final movie, but the DVD will certainly be chocked full of these alternate takes. Here's a sampling of the lines responded with, when asked by an adorable eight-year-old if he will attend her dance recital:
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Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman Star in The Change-Up{38} Yeah, I think for both of us, it's an actor's dream. It's Jekyll and Hyde, you get to play both sides of it. We both spent time playing this guy, but when you play this guy and switch back and do the other guy and vice versa, it kind of allows you to spread out your bookends a little bit more, the borders, the goalposts. It's a great challenge comedically.
Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds with director David Dobkin on the set{87} You talk to David, and he says this much more eloquently but I'm paraphrasing what he said. He loves scripts that have big broad, relatable set pieces but they're executed in a sophisticated manner. That's possibly a great formula for the kind of comedy I like.
Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds{125} Yes, we are colleagues at a law firm. She's somebody who is distracting to my character in a fairly pure way. But when he's put in a different skin, there's almost an OK there. He's not sure, and then when this guy gets in his ear it's like Dude, don't be an idiot.
Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde in The Change-Up{106} Absolutely. Certainly when you pitch ideas... that's a cheesy writer movie. I shouldn't be letting you in on all my secrets. when you're pitching an idea to a studio, you're always selling the marketing in some ways. Sometimes you even say, 'Here's the poster.' It's a tacky move, but if it's a good idea, they'll go, 'Write that down.' We're always pitching trailer moments. Trailers are great because they really get you to think about a movie, like what is the most important things. I wish novels would have trailers, because I think there would be far better novels. It really helps you to focus on what your movie is about.
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star in The Change-Up{32}