It was announced earlier today that Emilia Clarke will make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion, and many fans are hoping she'll be playing the Jessica Drew version of Spider-Woman. As of now, it's unclear who Clarke will be playing, as only the news of her casting was announced. It's easy for many Marvel fans to picture her as Jessica Drew, and this has led to immense speculation that this could be the role that Clarke will be portraying.

"Are we going to see Emilia Clarke play spider-woman?! PLEASE I WANT IT," one fan tweeted, posting images of Clarke and Jessica Drew side by side.

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Another fan confidently states: "Emilia Clarke is 100% playing Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman and I think that is just delightful."

"Emilia would be ideal for the role of Jessica Drew, and considering the importance Spider-Woman held during the actual "Secret Invasion" comic series, it would make sense to add her to the MCU," a Marvel Comics reader tweeted. "I'm probably way off base here, but I really hope they are going in that direction."

Referring to a popular petition for Clarke to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, another fan tweeted, "Interesting way of revealing that Emilia Clarke is going to be playing Veranke/Jessica Drew. Guess she'll be too busy to play Mera in the Aquaman films since she'll be playing an Alien Queen and a Spider-Woman."

Meanwhile, another fan tweeted an image of Spider-Woman interacting with Nick Fury in the original comic books. The caption reads: "Could Emilia Clarke be playing Jessica Drew (who has an English accent in the comics) aka Spider-Woman aka the Skrull Queen, Veranke? That way, Samuel L. Jackson could deliver this AMAZING LINE (with a cameo from Thor) and Clarke could still play the 'real' Jessica after!"

Some fans are pointing out that the rights to Spider-Woman are in Sony's hands, but that doesn't mean it's impossible that the character will appear in the MCU. Last year, there were rumors that Marvel boss Kevin Feige was having conversations with Sony to bring Spider-Woman into the MCU similar to what happened with Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Word at the time was he was looking to develop a Spider-Woman movie as a co-opt with Sony.

In August, it was revealed that Olivia Wilde had been tapped by Sony to develop a female-led movie about a mystery Marvel superhero. After the Booksmart director tweeted a spider emoji on Twitter soon after, it appeared that the project was Spider-Woman. There have similarly been rumors that Feige is secretly working with Wilde on the project, but this hasn't been confirmed nor denied as all details on the project remain under lock and key at Sony.

If Wilde's rumored Spider-Woman movie is in fact connected to the MCU, it's plausible that Jessica Drew could first show up in Secret Invasion, potentially with Emilia Clarke in the role. In any case, the news of Clarke's casting in the series has gotten a lot of people talking. Meanwhile, many fans of Clarke have been revisiting her run as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones after the recent tenth anniversary of the show's premiere episode. The entire series is streaming on HBO Max.ApexForm created the topper art on Instagram.