Marvel's well known security around their upcoming releases means that fans don't usually get to know anything about their new releases until they want them to. That has been true of the Secret Invasion TV series, which is expected to begin filming sometime in the next couple of months. Thanks to a non-disclosure agreement, series star Christopher McDonald has not been able to talk about his character, who is said to be a "newly-created character with crossover potential", since signing on to the project in May. Ahead of the start of shooting, McDonald finally broke his silence, speaking to The Movie Dweeb on Youtube.

I know nothing, I can say nothing," McDonald said teasingly. "I signed an NDA, so [I know nothing] other than the fact it's called Secret Invasion."
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Although his three wise monkeys routine was in action, he did talk about how he came to be joining the MCU's expanding TV output. The Happy Gilmore star said, "That was a fun phone call. My agent and my manager got together. They called me and said, 'Chris, are you sitting down?' I said, 'I'm in my car, I'm driving home.' 'Yeah, you might want to pull over.' I said, 'Whoa, what's happening?' 'No, it's good. Pull over.' They tell me about this whole offer that comes in to join the MCU, and I'm like, 'Wow! This is only something I've been praying for because it's the number one thing that comes out of Hollywood.'"

"Kevin Feige just kills it," he continued. "It's spectacular, 23 movies they're in now, and now the television shows with WandaVision and Loki. It's an actor's dream. So I'm going to come to London and make this thing happen in a month's time. I think a month and a half's time I'll be there doing it."

McDonald joins another big name Marvel cast which includes Samuel L Jackson back as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn who reprises his Captain Marvel role of shape-shifting Skrull, Talos. Additional casting sees MCU newcomers Emilia Clarke, Olivia Coleman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott and Carmen Ejogo all taking on as yet undisclosed roles. Even though we are unlikely to know much about the series for a little while yet, McDonald did have few more interesting things to say.

"I've been doing a lot of stuff with Samuel. But I would love to work with Olivia Colman, " he said. "She is just so much fun. She is one of those people that they say, 'She's beautiful and brilliant and connected and in the moment, just right there, cut,' and she goes on a riff. I think that's a lot of fun to work like that. I like to work like that as well. Sam's gonna be amazing. The whole thing is just kind of unbelievably fortuitous and I'm an extremely grateful man that they invited me to play."

There has been an on-going rumor that McDonald could be playing Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn in the movie, as that character is part of a major comic-book crossover event that sees the Skrulls infiltrating Earth. When asked about this, McDonald, expectedly, said, "I'm not saying anything."

It looks like we will just need to wait until closer to the time to discover how this series will pan out, but as with WandaVision and Loki, don't expect many spoilers to be leaked in advance. Marvel's ability to keep plotlines and surprises under wraps is almost a secret invasion of its own.

Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ sometime in the second half of 2022.