Secret Window: According to Variety, the $46 million Johnny Depp thriller Secret Window will have an unusually short window of less than 15 weeks before it arrives on DVD on June 22.

It's the latest in a series of DVD releases by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment with quick turnarounds from their theatrical debut. Most of the previous ones have been productions by Revolution Studios, including "Radio" (14 weeks), "The Missing" (13 weeks) and "Mona Lisa Smile" (12 weeks).

While most films come to DVD slightly less than five months after their theatrical release, on average, Columbia TriStar has been selectively releasing certain titles with windows ranging from barely three months to four months. The studio recently announced a window of less than 16 weeks for "You Got Served" -- another non-Revolution Studios production -- to arrive May 18.

Bonus features on the "Secret Window" DVD will include audio commentary by writer-director David Koepp, four deleted scenes and a three-part behind-the-scenes documentary.