Terminator 3:Countingdown.com has gotten their hands on the first look at the female terminatrix from T3! Check it out!

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Superman vs. Batman: Seems that Coming Attractions has gotten official word from Warner Bros. debunking the casting news of Colin Farrell and Jude Law:

"Coming Attractions has been told that neither Jude Law nor Colin Farrell have been cast in Batman vs. Superman. Auditions continue to take place and more actors will be seen next week. While Farrell and Law are in the running, they have not been signed. They are being considered and nothing more."

Alien vs. Predator: While we're on the subject of rumors, a scooper over at Ain't It Cool claims to have overheard Lance Hendricksen speaking at a convention revealing that he may be making an appearance in the new sci-fi flick! Take this one with a grain of salt...but hey, it would be REALLY cool if it turns out to be true! For those of you who don't know, Lance Hendricksen played android "Bishop" in Alien.

House Of 1000 Corpses:Creature Corner reports that Rob Zombie's flick has been given the old heave ho from theatrical release to a straight to video release by Universal! This could be rumor at this point, but with all the trouble this film has had in it's search for a decent distributor, don't easily doubt it!

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers:Empire Magazine talked to director, Peter Jackson, about the upcoming sequel in their latest issue:

"Talking to Peter Jackson on the set of the supplementary shooting in New Zealand, the director tells Empire; 'We're shooting about another 25 minutes of stuff, although some of it is to replace other scenes. 'It was a process I always planned on. It's a great way to shoot, like handcrafting a film, allowing you to figure it out over time.'

As Jackson explains, the process allows the filmmakers to use the benefit of hindsight to improve the series. 'For instance, there's completely new scenes with Sam and Frodo. Since we finished we really wanted to make the Gollum story more psychological, things we thought of later.'

Clearly everyone's very, very excited about both The Two Towers and The Return of the King, as executive producer Mark Ordesky tells Empire. 'The great thing is [The Lord of the Rings] was hailed as this visual epic, and films two and three are so much bigger. In film two, to make a Star Wars analogy, you have got a much more Empire Strikes Back structure, meaning you've got Merry, Pippin and Treebeard in Fangorn, and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas at Helm's Deep and Frodo and Sam going to Mordor – it's like an aperture that opens wider. I mean they literally get to the Black Gates – you get to see the Black Gates with these gigantic cave-trolls pushing them open."

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up!

{@IMG:NHMMM5W2QAjit8Z3eSIF9JyaAQFFlq|Movie [email protected]}Calgary Sun recently talked to Reign of Fire director, Rob Bowman, about the status of the X-Files movie sequel...looks like it might be a while:

"I know (series creator) Chris Carter intends to do another movie and Fox Studios certainly wants one. David Duchovny definitely wants to do another one and I'm pretty certain Gillian Anderson could be talked into doing one. It's really a matter of gauging fan appetite. When we did the first one, the series was at its peak, so the appetite wasn't all that great for a feature film.

Chris pointed out the first Star Trek movie didn't come out until 15 years after the TV show ended. I doubt Chris will make us all wait that long for another X-Files movie, but he will wait for people to get really hungry.

As far as his participation in a second X-Files movie, Bowman says "no one has even whispered the possibility to me. I'd be on board in an instant if they asked me, but if they don't, it doesn't matter because I had such incredible experiences with the X-Files already."

Indiana Jones 4:Cinescape recently sat down with M. Night Shyamalan and asked why he didn't end up writing the script for the latest Indiana Jones saga as previously reported:

“I was asked, but it didn't work out,” Shyamalan said. “It didn't work out with everybody. It's a tricky, tricky thing to get four of us together at the same time on the same page. It was just a tricky time. I didn't think it was the right thing for me to do. I mean it was. That's the movie that above everything has affected me and Raiders of The Lost Ark was kind of like hey, fulfillment of a childhood fantasy to kind of say, 'God, I'll do that one and in a way childhood will be put aside,' and an amazing circle would have come. But, it didn't work out. Frank Darabont's doing it now.”

Daredevil: The official Daredevil website has posted some new stills from the flick! CLICK HERE to check them out!

Triple X: Sneak a listen to the soundtrack from the upcoming Vin Diesel action flick! CLICK HERE

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