You can take a look at the latest Uwe Boll film on DVD this September. Seed will be released on DVD on September 9. The disc will be priced at $26.99 SRP and will also include a bonus PC video game as well. The film stars Michael Pare and Will Sanderson.


Seed recounts the supernatural story of a ruthless serial killer who survives electrocution on death row. Prison guards fail to exorcise the evil in a murderer and inadvertently unleash a malevolent monster. The resulting reign of violence, with its extreme gore and torture, set a new standard for the horror genre.

Special Features

- Deleted scenes

- Commentary by director Uwe Boll

- "Criticized" - how a filmmaker gets back at his critics

- Behind-the-scenes with cast and crew

- Trailers

- Bonus Seed PC video game