Seinfeld: In a recent interview with DVD Exclsuive, Jerry Seinfeld hinted at the possibilty of a series of Seinfeld DVDs:

DVDX: Now that you've signed your second major syndication deal for Seinfeld, the series, what's happening with the series coming to DVD? That has to be the most requested, or one of the most requested series for DVD.
Seinfeld: Yeah, I know. Wherever I perform, sometimes at the end of the show I take questions from the audience, and that always comes up. Always. They all want the DVD. I don't know why. It's on every day. But people like to own things, I guess.
I've heard some talk of it. It's really one of those things that, I'm not participating in that decision.
DVDX: Oh really?
Seinfeld: No. It's a distribution decision. But I'm hearing that it's in the air. They're definitely considering it.
DVDX: Castle Rock and Columbia TriStar?
Seinfeld: Yeah. Well, Sony owns the whole thing now.
DVDX: Can you give us any ideas of some of the things you're kicking around for extras?
Seinfeld: Um, interviews with who, by who. You know, cast members and writers, and who we would want the commentary from. And, the other things I mentioned. What kinds of outtakes do we have? What should we use?

You know, in all the years of the show, NBC had wanted to play some of our outtakes. We had some pretty funny outtakes. And we always kind of made it a policy not to do that because we didn't like that thing when actors kind of crack up and… We kind of wanted to maintain the reality of the show. But we're dicussing that.

And, the other thing we have that's very funny are these gag reels that we made at the end of the season each year. There's a lot of funny stuff on those.

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