Actress Selma Blair was one of over 300 women who have come forward against disgraced director James Toback last year, accusing the director of sexual misconduct. The actress revealed in October that the director convinced the young actress to read a script naked, before he eventually masturbated in front of her and threatening to kill her if she ever told anybody. The actress appeared on The Talk recently to promote her new movie Mom and Dad, in theaters this weekend, where she offered more details about the horrifying incident. Here's what she had to say below, revealing how Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson helped encourage the actress to tell her story.

"When I came out, there were a couple who spoke about Weinstein, and it hadn't become this big thing yet, but this was weighing on me. I had literally been afraid for 17 years, of James Toback, who threatened to murder me and put cement shoes on and gouge my eyes out with a Bic pen if I ever told anybody. I did, at the time, tell one person, and I was mortally afraid, for a really long time. And then, when the Weinstein thing came out, I said I feel like, I wonder if this has happened to other people. I kind of shoved it back and I started looking on Twitter and the hashtag James Toback and there were a couple of inklings. I got in touch with these women and then got in touch with Scott Derrickson, a director who is wonderful and so supported us, a wonderful man who really said, 'This is a great thing for women if you can kind of share their story.' So I did, but I wouldn't go on the record."

The actress added that, after James Toback infamously called his accusers, "lying c---suckers," she decided to go on the record, getting in touch with Vanity Fair's Krista Smith to share her story. An IndieWire story from November that recounts how Los Angeles Times entertainment reporter Glenn Whipp broke the James Toback story, reveals that Selma Blair reached out to Scott Derrickson through a direct message on Twitter, after he cheered on the women who came forward against Harvey Weinstein. The director also became involved because he is close friends with Glenn Whipp, whose initial report featured 38 women coming forward to accuse James Toback of sexual misconduct. That number soon grew to over 300 women. The Talk host Sharon Osbourne stated that the LAPD has announced they are "weighing in" charges against both Harvey Weinstein and James Toback. When asked how that made her feel, and if she thinks James Toback belongs in jail, Selma Blair had this to say.

"I do. I do think James Toback belongs in jail. There is a statute of limitations, and it's he said she said, and the legal system is all very important. I would hope that he would be found guilty, but it is a lot of he said she said, but people have come to me personally, that he's done much worse to. Yes, I do believe he deserves to be in jail, and now Glenn Whipp, who wrote the original piece, said that 359 women have come to him, on James Toback alone. We're not just talking about, 'You look great, sweety,' and a pat on the ass, which is a pain in the butt, but real assault."

We reported in November that the Los Angeles Police Department is forming a sexual harassment task force, to combat the widespread sexual misconduct allegations that have come forth over the past few months. As for the charges against Harvey Weinstein or James Toback, it remains unclear when they may actually be filed. You can take a look at Selma Blair's entire segment where she discusses her encounter with James Toback on The Talk YouTube.